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Organic Cotton Pads & Tampons

Organic Cotton Pads & Tampons

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Every royal has the freedom to choose and this set is designed for the day you’re looking for a pad, a tampon or both! Our clean and bleach free sanitary Moonly Pads and Moonly Tampons are luxurious feminine care without the unnecessary harm to our celestial bodies during every moon cycle! No Bleach. No Dyes. No Toxins. Ever. Our organic cotton, clean and bleach free sanitary pads and tampons are the most luxurious feminine hygiene experience. Our all-natural Moonly Pads leave you feeling dry, protected and comfortable! Tampons with easy glide BPA-free plastic applicator! 

Includes: 6 pads & 6 tampons. Choose from sizes Regular, Super, and Super Plus

Regular:  Includes 6 Regular tampons and 6 Daytime pads

Super:  Includes 6 Super tampons and 6 Nighttime pads

Super Plus:  Includes 6 Super Plus tampons and 6 Overnight Pads 


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