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First Period Kit

First Period Kit

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Introducing the First Moonly Cycle Kit by Moonly Organics, a thoughtful and empowering collection of organic products designed to guide young individuals through their first menstruation with comfort, care, and eco-consciousness. Designed to take special care of our young ones’ sacred lady parts as they walk into their divine femininity. Let’s start her journey off with a Toxin-Free first menses kit! Our clean and bleach-free sanitary pads and panty liners will work with your lady parts as you grow. In this first period kit, you have everything you need for a luxurious and thorough first menstrual experience. Our Moonly Vagi Wipes, made with 100% natural bamboo material, will freshen you up with a gentle clean. A sacred bottle of our crystal-infused Aura Wash and Aura Mist is included. 

Key Components:

🌱 Organic Pads and Panty Liners: Our kit includes a selection of organic pads and panty liners made from 100% organic cotton, ensuring a soft and gentle touch on delicate skin. These sanitary pads and panty liners offer reliable and leak-proof protection during the menstrual cycle while being free from harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. These pads are gentle on delicate skin and provide reliable protection. 

🍃 Natural Cleanser and Mist: We've included an all-natural intimate cleanser and refreshing mist in our kit. These products are specially formulated to maintain your natural pH balance, keeping you feeling fresh and clean throughout your period.
🌍 Eco-Friendly Wipes: Our kit includes biodegradable and eco-friendly wipes, perfect for on-the-go freshness and hygiene. These wipes are gentle on the environment and your skin.
📘 Educational Guide: Empower young individuals with knowledge. Our kit includes an informative First Moonly Cycle Guide on menstrual health, hygiene, and self-care, promoting confidence and self-awareness. This is a digital downloadable E-Book. 

Moonly Organics is committed to promoting a positive and sustainable introduction to menstruation. Our First Period Kit not only prioritizes organic and eco-friendly products but also encourages open conversations about menstrual health and self-care. Help your loved ones embark on their menstrual journey confidently and comfortably with Moonly Organics.

Your Moonly First Cycle Kit comes complete with:

  • Organic Cotton Day Pads (12 ct.)
  • Organic Cotton Night Pads (12 ct.)
  • Organic Cotton Panty Liners (15ct.)
  • First Moon Cycle E-Book
  • Moonly Yoni Wipes (11 ct.)
  • Moonly Unscented Vagi Cleanser 4 oz. & Mist 2 oz. OPTIONAL
  • First Moonly Cycle Guide (E-book Download)
  • FREE Bonus stickers
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