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Cramp Balm *NEW* 2 oz.

Cramp Balm *NEW* 2 oz.

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NEW!** Moonly Organics Cramp Balm, your trusted companion for soothing relief during menstrual discomfort. Crafted with care and precision, our balm is specially formulated to alleviate the symptoms of menstrual cramps, offering natural and effective relief when you need it most.

Harnessing the power of nature's bounty, our carefully selected ingredients work harmoniously to provide comfort and support during your menstrual cycle. Organic Olive Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Palm Fruit Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil form the base of our balm, ensuring a rich and nourishing experience for your skin.

Infused with the calming scent of Lavender Essential Oil, our formula not only targets physical discomfort but also promotes relaxation and tranquility. Rosehip Seed Oil and Vitamin E contribute their antioxidant properties, aiding in skin rejuvenation and protection.

Additionally, Neem Seed Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract lend their anti-inflammatory properties to help alleviate soreness and promote overall well-being. Each application of Moonly Organics Cramp Balm delivers a gentle and effective solution, providing relief that you can count on.

Experience the difference with Moonly Organics Cramp Balm – your natural solution for menstrual comfort and care.

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