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Reusable Cycle Shorts

Reusable Cycle Shorts

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Reusable Period Underwear! Drop the skepticism, and move forward toward a new, more comfortable way of menstruating! Period underwear provides the best free-bleeding experience and reduces your menstrual cramps and risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Great for girls, teens, and women on the go! NO Leaks, NO Odors, NO Wetness, NO Discomfort. 

Made with breathable cotton material for your max comfort! Pair with our Moonly Cup or our Organic Cotton Tampons for heavier flows! Choose our Menstrual Cycle Shorts for full coverage cycle leak protection. Our Moonly Cycle Shorts provide complete coverage of your booty, avoiding all panty lines while protecting you from leaks all day! Our Moonly Cycle Panty has a more snug fit and classic cut (around the butt) and a higher waist. Both are made with comfort stretch cotton blend material. 

All of our Moonly Cycle Undies are:

- Made with comfort stretch cotton material
- Available in sizes small to 4XL
- Super Absorbent
- Thick waistbands
- Leakproof
- Machine Washable
- Holds between 2-3 tampons worth of flow!

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